My Violet Rayneaka my Snookie Cookie, God’s gift to our family. You held such big task, for a tiny baby, in being our ray of hope and sunshine during very dark days in the beginning. You are the connection between the past with Aunt Missy and my new life without her.

My Elinor Sadieaka my Toodles, God’s second miracle to our family. You were the first GRAND to born to a completely broken Mimi. So much of you is channeling your Aunt Missy. I know she kissed you from heaven before she sent you to our family.

My Sophie Aliceaka my Sugar Plum, God’s third miracle to our family. You are the baby sister to Toodles just like Heather was to Jenn, your mom. I loved you so much before you were born, as I was with your mommy for most of her Dr visits and got to see and hear you a lot. We seem to have a bond from the moment you were born.