My Daughters…

Jennmy oldest and greatest blessing in my life. Her gentle spirit and warm heart touches everyone around her. She graduated from ASU, Summa Cum Laude, after being homeschooled. Currently, she has two baby girls, is a working stay at home mom, creating crocheted treasures and Bible journaling masterpieces.

Heathermy middle and biggest joy as my early Christmas gift from Heaven above. Her big, blue eyes and loving, gentle and giving spirit encourages everyone she meets. Heather is an accomplished pianist and planned to be a medical coder in billing. One of the greatest privileges is to be her Momy. Being the middles sister, you are the peanut butter and jelly of our family sandwich. Without you we have the bread but no middle. I gave you everything I had to protect you during your most difficult journey here on earth. The battle you fought bravely as the strongest woman I know. I hope you know how proud I am of you. While you are in heaven, mind you manners and don’t be late to meet me at the gate.

Wendymy youngest and the biggest and best adventure in my life. Her bubbly attitude and sense of humor and charm is a delight to everyone who is around her. Currently, she has two babies and works in the medical field.

Jenn and Wendy, grown under my heart and in it. I wish that I could have spared you from this journey we are on; you both have had to endure way more than any sisters and daughters should have to face. You are left with forever broken parents and living in the hauntingly “perfect” memory of Heather. I am looking forward to a lifetime os memories and good times as we journey together.

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