Another New Beginning…

When I turned 16 and got my driver’s license, I had thought that I might get the white Toyota Corolla that my stepbrother had crashed and threw away. But I didn’t get “my own’ vehicle to drive till I got married. It was a lovely Mazda station wagon with rear tail light broken. Bill’s parents thought they were being kind in giving Bill the car and then we made the payments to them. We spent a long hot summer in Phoenix with no air conditioning.IMG_8930We moved to Colorado Springs and shortly decided we needed a Ford Ranger single cab 4 wheel drive truck. Of course this was not thinking what would we do with a car seat in the small cab when Jenn was born. Then when we found out another baby was coming we got a 4 wheel drive Chevy Blazer-the big one. I loved that vehicle. Then when baby 3 would be joining Jenn and Heather we went for the full van mode with a Ford AeroStar extended length van. So began years and years of having the mom van. Then in 1991 we became a two-vehicle family, which we needed for the move to Minneapolis.IMG_8965My birth father came out, stupid things happened and he paid cash for a brand new 2010 red Camaro to keep my mouth shut. This car, I thought I wanted, instantly became the biggest nightmare and accident magnet I had ever had. One thing after the other went wrong with this vehicle. I still had the Xterra and drove it as the family vehicle. Then, in 2012, my birth father made the biggest he will ever make and I threw him out. Walking out and seeing the Camaro made me physically ill. He left on Monday and I had a new vehicle on Wednesday.IMG_8888I traded the Camaro site unseen for $20,000 on a Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Z71. Of course this was my empowerment vehicle that said I would NEVER be a victim again. I love that truck. I gave the Xterra to Wendy as she needed a reliable vehicle to drive. I had the Xterra for 6 years and it had 55,000 miles on it. (I don’t drive much) I decorated my red truck with Hello Kitty and it was the talk of the town with how I had it all decked out. I have driven all my GRANDgirls in my truck and they all love Mimi’s red truck.IMG_8873I have felt over the last few months that the big truck might be a bit much for me with my psoriatic arthritis. I have been having difficulty getting into and out of the truck. I felt I was going to pull the steering wheel off from pulling myself into the truck with it. My 2011 truck only had 44,000 miles and I have never put new brakes or tires on it. It really didn’t make sense to get rid of my truck that is paid off and is a fantastic vehicle.

Bill bought a white 2-door Jeep in March and it has turned out to be lots of fun. We have decked it out as a stromtrooper Jeep. There are no vehicles that I liked that are not trucks. I am sad to say the SUV’s of today look like the new mom’s mini van. They are too low to the ground and all look like cookie cutter vehicles. If you have one and love it, great!IMG_8966Last Friday I went car shopping and drove home my new vehicle. We were a 2 Chevy Silverado family and now we are a 2 Jeep family. I got a new 2018 Jeep Wrangler 4-door in Punk/N metallic (bright orange) and it is my new TIGGER! It is much easier for me to get in and out of physically and I love driving it. It is zippy and turns on a dime. Plus it feels like an SUV kind of like the old Xterra I loved. I am looking forward to making many new memories.






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