Boat Rides and Cupcakes…

Bill and so left on Wednesday to fly to Orlando to begin Princess weekend. Prior to the img_2869race I had found a ring that I wanted to commentate my accomplishment of the half marathon. At the time it was purchased the description seemed perfect-“give her the Royal treatment with this queenly ring.” I loved the diamonds and sapphires but soon learned that diamond is the traditional gift for the 10th anniversary while blue sapphires are the modern gift. WOW! Really? It was perfect on all counts.

We arrived at Old Key West, our resort for the weekend. We got a two bedroom so Scott and Shannon could stay with us. Absolutely fell in love with this resort. So peaceful and different. You would never know you were in WDW property staying here. The best was the slow boat ride to Disney Springs. Just relaxing and stress free.

Thursday was heading to Hollywood Studios for a portion of the day and then going to the Expo to get bibs and sing the waivers. The Expo has some great items but I guess since I won’t be running anymore it didn’t hold much for me. I managed to get the pandora charm for the PHM plus a couple of princess otter box classes for my phone. I preordered my race jacket, magnets, pins and commutative Minnie statue so it was very easy for me to get my stuff.img_6645Our friend Bob came to join us Thursday night and then Nancy, his wife, would come Friday night. Bob picked us up from the Expo and then we went to dinner at Blaze Pizza. We asked all over Disney Springs but no one there knew about Unicorn Cupcakes. Now this was a mission. It was great fun just being carefree and enjoying nice weather and friends.img_2250Friday was Magic Kingdom and the hunt for rose gold unicorn cupcakes. We found them at the Grand Floridian and it was fantastic. I decided instead of drinking my way to the finish line I would cupcake my way there. It was much more delicious since I am not supposed to drink alcohol. We rode all the rides that I wanted to do such as Peter Pan, Small World, Pirates and Haunted. Of course I love love love the Carousal of Progress.img_6644-1


I was getting tired and the next morning was an early morning for the Children’s Miracle Network Breakfast. I could not believe al the signs that were all over making sure I knew that Heather was there with me and was doing what I set out to accomplish.

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