Getting Ready…

The days and weeks flew by and I had several things happening at once; my first appointment with a Rheumatologist and my first and only half marathon. My first doctor visit with Dr Pace went well. Of course there were a battery of blood tests and X-rays I needed to have done. She believed me to have psoriatic arthritis and the next appointment would be in 6 weeks or after the PHM. I did all the tests right away as to get results back in time for my appointment.

my right hip getting the injection. See the top where there is no cartilage?

The first drug of choice is Methotrexate to treat PsA. This bring terror to my heart as this is the drug that damaged Heather’s lung beyond repair. I have lots of mixed feelings about taking this drug. While I know this is a much lower dose than Heather had, she did have a weekly dose of pills she had to take. So I had an RX bottle of Methotrexate on the cabinet during her treatments. I really have to think long as hard about going on this drug. However the other drugs are biologics and they can cause lymphoma. WOW! figures I get the autoimmune disease that requires such drugs to stop hurting all the time and prevent further joint damage.

As for the Princess Half Marathon I was getting very discouraged since I had not been training or walking any distances at all. I had decided that I was okay if I got swept by not keeping my speed up. I just wanted to make it thru the castle at Magic Kingdom and then I would be okay that I gave it my best. I was not expecting a health/life changing diagnosis in the middle of all this. Because of the hip injection and physical therapy I was actually walking without pain or limping. I had gotten so used to limping from the pain, that it took me a few weeks to walk normally.

I had changed my costume from being Aurora to Baymax from Big Hero 6. I put Baymax on the back along with the words “I am not fast…” The weather in Florida was going to be unseasonable warm which worked for me. My bones needed the warmer weather for the 3:30 am line up to the corrals. Everything seemed to be falling into place. I was ready after a year long planning to do and do my best. I was okay with the fact that if I didn’t finish I was okay with that as I was pushing my body and joints beyond what they could do.

The course I would be walking for the Princess Half marathon

Lets go get this weekend started and honor Heather…

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