1. A limiting condition; restrictive weakness; lack ofcapacity; inability or handicap
2. Something that limits; a limit or bound; restriction
I personally have never been one to walk away from anything. If someone, anyone tells me I can’t do something I usually have to do it to prove to them there isn’t anything I can’t do.
In 2000, Awana was celebrating their 50th anniversary and they created a special Citation award that is awarded to high schoolers in 12th grade that completed all 10 Awana book from 3rd-12th grade. To complete the books, you memorize over 1200 Bible verses with references, read the entire Bible and give a summary of each book of the bible, missionary projects and other areas of service. Well, I decided I wanted the special Citation and I had completed the 3rd grade book and half of the 4th grade book. I was told I could never  finish that amount of work in less than a year. So, from August 1999 to April 2000 I completed all the requirements to receive the special Citations award for that year.

I took on the role of extreme protector the moment Heather was diagnosed with cancer. I never backed down and I fired, doctors, nurses, made sure everyone knew I was in charge and fought tooth and nail for Heather. I have gotten a job at the Disney Store here in Chandler for the 2014 holiday season and was an Assistant Manager at Harkins in 2015. I fought the cemetery, got on the news, made my fight known and didn’t back down. Even though that did not turn out the way I expected in the end I am happy that I have Heather’s ashes back home with me.

IMG_3253 2
Heather and my’s first 5K, October, 2008. It took almost an hour and a half to walk and allow Heather to rest. She was less than 30 days from her in hospital chemo and was still very weak.
I didn’t back down from seeing thru the dream of having Heather’s story told in a book, nor the follow up book about being a grieving mother. My greatest and toughest role is shouting at the top of my lungs that Heather lived and the injustices that are done to grieving mothers. This I will never back down from, while I was not asked, I will never be the “normal” grieving mother that lives the bad days in silence.
Ever since my fibromyalgia diagnosis in 2015 I have tried and tried not to allow that to define me. The struggle is real and not in my head. I kept pushing till I recently got amazing drugs to help with my sleeping problems and not just sleeping pills. I push to find the answers to medical issues and don’t just settle.

I posted that my goals and plans for 2018 is to run 2 half marathons or 13.1 miles twice. It was announced recently that for the 2018 year there would be no runDisney events held at Disneyland because of the construction for the new Star Wars land, the new hotel, and the adding of Marvel land to California Adventure. This meant that I would not be able to get my Coast to Coast medal to run on both Florida and California coast in 2018. I began to think that I wanted to run a half marathon in Paris to get my castle to chateau medal.

IMG_3292 2
five blisters in one spot. Running now is a gel blister bandaid with duct tape
I am into my 8th week since beginning my training again because of my hip flexor and psoas muscle injury. I began very slowly and am currently running 2.5 miles every Tuesday and Thursday and a long run on Saturday. This last Saturday, 11/11, I ran 5 miles and walked an additional 1/2 mile home. The plan adds one mile each week. There are currently 14 weeks left till the Princess Half Marathon. I am staying steady each week and putting the roadwork in. My miles are hanging between 13:30 to 14 minutes per mile, which is a good time and well below the 16 minute mile pace required. IMG_3291 2

While I am running. walking or crawling to the finish line for Princess, I have decided that long distance running is not for me and my fibromyalgia. I am pushing the limits on the long run/walk and so far have not hurt myself, but once I complete my goal of the PHM, the longest runs I will be doing are 5Ks and 10Ks. I have nothing to be ashamed of as I tried it, I completed it and mostly I want to be able to function day to day. My hip is not completely healed and I don’t want to do damage to myself that is permanent.

IMG_3264 2
My run from Saturday Nov. 11
My goal to run a half marathon for Heather pushes my limits to levels I have never known. The journey isn’t just the race, it is what I have been able to accomplish training for the race. When I signed up with Children’s Miracle Network my amount I needed to raise was $1200, to date, when I get the Chipotle check added in, I will have raised over $4100 for CMN. I am very proud of all the love and support I have had from friends. I have made amazing Facebook running friends that support me as well. The things I have learned along the way are just a valuable as the race and the medal itself.
I might be slightly broken, a little bruised and even permanently scarred. But I wake up everyday with a tremendous will to fight. I am a strong woman who refuses to be defeated.

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