Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put ’em together and what have you got
Bibbidi bobbidi boo
The blue gown was absolutely perfect in every way. Heather wanted it and I knew she did. It was like shopping for her wedding dress and seeing her face light up. It fit very well and Heather said she felt very much like a princess.
Heather had played with different wigs and different shades of makeup looking for just the right look. She tried an updo with the long dark wig with her tiara, but decided that she looked more like Cinderella if she went with the blond short wig. Her makeup was a smoky eye palette from Chanel. The perfume she wore that night was Victoria’s Secret Rapture. This was my signature fragrance and I would let Heather wear it on special occasions. Only fitting that she would wear that fragrance on this special night.

When Heather finished her treatments I bought her a blue topaz and white gold “princess” choker. I thought that maybe she could wear it on her wedding day. This was purchased BEFORE the gown was bought. I had no idea that this would match and this would be the only time that she would wear this necklace alive. The matching earrings were given to Heather as a special gift from a special someone.

The day of the ball was me getting my hair done for the first time ever in my life. We all met up and had lunch at Subway. Then we went to the Arizona Golf Resort to check out the decorations and make sure that everything was done to my satisfaction. The cake was there and we were all blown away by how beautiful it was. Everything was absolutely stunning and perfect. As I knew the evening would be.


All of us got ready. Heather would stay behind and ride in the limo that would be arriving to take them to the ball. The one thing that had to be done is Heather had to be laced into her dress before I left. She had worked on her makeup and it was time to get her into the gown. Heather and I were joking and playing around about how much she had to suck in to fit into the gown. She had no wig on and her hair was just little duck fuzz at the time. We were all in a great mood. Jenn took the opportunity to take a few photos of us clowning around. As I left, I remember giving her a kiss and telling her I would see her there.


So this day is a truly amazing memory where tears and smiles blended together. Remembering how amazing she looked and how much fun she had. Five months later she would wear the dress, wig, tiara and jewelry again. Only this time it was not a happy occasion. The dress and the wig are gone forever. Only fitting that she be cremated in those. Her purse and shoes sit in the box they came in. The necklace and earrings sit in a velvet and satin lined box as well. Her tiara sits on the heart box that sits on the piano that holds her ashes. Absolutely will never be forgotten how amazing the evening was on November 8, 2008.

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