She Was Spectacular…

When I wrote yesterdays blog a few days ago I truly had no idea what would come along for the 8 1/2 year anniversary. Then magically like all the past 8 years something dropped out of the blue and it turned out to be amazing.

I buy most all my jewelry now from a place here in Scottsdale known as The Shane Company. They are the only jeweler in the valley that work on my Heather ring in house and do the servicing in one day so I don’t have to leave my ring overnight. This gives me a huge relief. Most everyone there knows “The Red Diamond” and all look forward to seeing it themselves.

A couple days ago I received a very strange message from The Shane Co stating that I had a $500 credit available up there. I have traded off a couple of pieces but know that I did not have any money credit up there. I called to verify that there was a credit and it was for me. They told me yes and I could come up and spend it anytime I wanted too. This is sign #1…

IMG_2628 2
Heather’s ruby ring

I took a couple nights to look online to try to find something I might like. I look for things that have some kind of meaning or sign that it is meant to be. I think I have been having a difficult time this year because of Heather’s would be 30th birthday in December and the 10th anniversary of cancer coming in April, 2018. It just seems too many milestones coming all at once. I came across something I might like, it was a diamond/ruby anniversary ring. Heather loved rubies since her first ring I brought her for her 13th birthday was rubies. As I got to looking at the description it is an infinity ring with 15 rubies and 15 diamonds. Yes, that makes a total of 30 stones for a 30th birthday. This is sign #2…

I went to see the ring to make sure this was really what I wanted. It looked amazing on the website but did it look as in person. I saw it and at that moment I knew it was mine and meant to be. It was sent to me straight from Heather above. So to mark the 8 1/2 mark plus her 30th birthday I was given a gift out of the blue; well out of the red actually.

IMG_2616 2
30 stones like a shooting star

I picked up my ring this week just before the 1/2 mark and it is stunning. I have already received several compliments on the ring. I simply smile and say thank you knowing deep inside my heart I know my girl sent me this gift. 

Have you ever seen a shooting star?

It’s wonderful.

It passes quickly, but while it’s here it just lights up the whole sky-

It’s the most beautiful thing you’d ever want to see.

So beautiful that the other stars stop and watch.

You almost never see one, because they’re very rare. Quite rare.

But I saw one, I truly did, and she was spectacular…

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