When God Created Grieving Mothers…

When God Created Grieving Mothers
~Sherry Anné Coombe~

One day God looked at His heaven while walking with a sad look on His face. He turned to an angel and said “there were too many adults in heaven. It is too serious and stuffy here.”

The angel replied “what do you mean?”

God told the angel “there was no laughter at the simple things, no child like faith in things unseen or childlike wonder as to why butterflies fly.”

The angel replied “how do you fix a problem like this?”

God hung His head and sadly announced “that babies, children and teens as well as young adult just in the prime of life needed to join everyone in heaven.”

The angel stood there shocked and finally asked, “How will you choose the ones to come home early?”

God said it was simple, “the ones who seem to be an angel on earth, the ones with gentle spirits with true love towards everyone they meet, the ones with a pure heart and absolute faith in God.”

The angel frowned when he asked “how will they be brought back to heaven again so quickly?”

God replied there are accidents, illnesses, just not able to survive for a long time and cancer; that can be the big one to take out kids of all ages.”

The angel feeling very sad asks “which mothers would get the special loaner children? Shouldn’t she know she will only have that child for a short time?”

“No,” God replied, “these mothers need to treat these kids like any other kids. Love and play with them but also discipline them, no different than normal kids. These kids don’t want to be wrapped in a bubble and kept safe, they want to experience life. But if a mom is looking with her heart, she might be able to see a hint of angels wings when her child is around.”

The angel asked “how do we choose what mothers to give up their babies?”

God said “I will choose this mother, that mother and these mothers over here. Once the shock and resentment wears off, she’ll handle it the best way she knows how. She will also have to have determination.”

“Determination?” questioned the angel, “is that a virtue?”

“Yes,” God said, “she will need it to survive the first few days after her child dies. The strength to continue each day in the light of her new changed life as ignorance, cruelty and prejudice comes raging all around her. Her will and determination will allow her to rise above such ignorant people. She will need the strength to stand alone, with a small group of mothers that understand. The loss of friends will be hard but the true long standing friends will understand and not try to change her.”

The angel beginning to understand smiles silently as God, hearing the unsaid statement assures the angel “yes I will be with her side by side every step of the way. Someday her reward will be rich for the ultimate sacrifice she gave…a beloved child.”


*Original work of Sherry Anne Coombe, published and copyrighted. Use only with permission from the author.

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