Time Passed and Pain Turned to Memories…

I began blogging on a CaringBridge site when my daughter, Heather, began her cancer journey. That began as a way to keep family and friends informed about her treatments and how she was doing. As time passed I began to realize it was a very good way for me to get my frustrations out and help me with my inner thoughts.

Shortly after Heather died, I moved to a different site and began pouring out my thoughts and frustrations over the death of Heather. That site served it’s purpose but now it is time to move to a better stage and leave some of the past behind me.

I have to say that sharing one’s darkest hours and deepest fears is not easy. The death of a child, my child, is unspeakable and incomprehensible. I have chosen to share my experience as a grieving mother and the life of my daughter, Heather. I write about the passing of time and events that have taken place since Heather left her earthly life. I am continuing to live my life, but with a constant reminder that one of my daughters is forever missing. A select few friends continue to share and support me as I continue to share my feeling that no mother should ever have to endure. My hope is I make her proud of her “Momy” everyday.

To grieving mothers, I homey honesty helps you feel that you are not alone on this journey and feelings can be expressed. To family and friends close to a grieving mother, I hope this helps you to know how to be able to help your loved one during this lifelong journey.

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